Chicago’s Navy Pier New Years Eve

Chicago’s Navy Pier New Years Eve

How Is This Basic ThetaHealing Class Different?

There are thousands of classes on healing and many are excellent. I’ve read and studied many of them over the last 30 years. This class is different in at least four specific ways, and each of them benefits you.

1. Thetahealing is practical. There are other practical healing skills, but none are practical for everyone regardless of their experience level. This class will unleash the remarkable healer within you.

2. Thetahealing is inspirational. I believe that you can be a remarkable healer. This class is given from this belief.

3. Thetahealing gives you a plan. I know you are busy, and I know you don’t have a week to close your door and build a plan to be a better healer – you have work to do!

4. ThetaHealing is more than a book. Vianna Stibal, originator, knows what it takes to be a remarkable healer and shares her secrets, tips, and examples in this compelling and enjoyable book. Each chapter gives outstanding healing secrets. Any one of these might be the specific tool or technique that you need to transform your life to the next level.

ThetaHealing is elegant, powerful, and actionable.

I love that ThetaHealing zooms in on the healership practices that can supercharge your life in only three days. Anyone can be a great healer by following this guidance.

How Will You Benefit?

Using the materials (both in the class, book and beyond) you will benefit in hundreds of ways. This class can make a difference for you and all those you heal.

With the help of ThetaHealing you will be able to:
Improve your psychic abilities
Reach the Theta healing state in seconds
Perform instant healings
Turbocharge your healing power
Strengthen your relationship with the Creator
Communicate with guides and angels
Change your core beliefs that imprison you
Replace genes
And I could go on and on and on…

You Too Can Reap The Massive Benefits

And know how to keep tipping the scale more and more in your favor as you continue to heal using these incredible techniques.

I must admit, it’s been a thrilling ride so far. The transformations that occurred have led me to having tons of great times and meeting the most wonderful people.

My passion for teaching ThetaHealing™ is so strong that I will assist you to become proficient with personal follow up practice ThetaHealing™ sessions on a regular basis. Let me be your personal healing coach!

Let me be your personal healing coach!

Read about the Basic Theta Healing Class

Read more about Chicago’s Basic Theta Healing Class March 7-9, 2008
Times: 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Location: 4950 N. Ashland Ave. 60640
Cost: $396.00 prepaid by March 3rd, or $440.00 at the door.
Previous course graduates ALWAYS welcome-$200.00
Includes free ThetaHealing book, workbook, and email support.


To reserve a seat simply send your $100.00 deposit to:

Margaret Loris
2210 W. Wilson Ave,
Chicago, 60625

Or you can easily pay through Paypal. Send your $100.00 deposit to my account at

If you are interested in learning more about DNA ThetaHealing or hosting a class in your area please contact me:


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