Your Sacred Heart Meditation

Your Sacred Heart Meditation

Your Sacred Heart Meditation reminds you of your divinity and connection to the All That Is.

This is a very powerful meditation that unites you to the source of all love. You may call this source of love whatever feels comfortable to you, God, Allah, Source, Jehovah, the Creator, the Universe.

When you reconnect to your source in this powerful manner you release all resistance, raise your personal vibration, and powerfully align with the flow of well being and love that is available to you.

This meditation is very easy and takes only a few minutes a day. You will realize great transformational shifts when you bring this meditation into your life on a regular basis.

You will be blessed with a feeling of peace and serenity immediately, and also become a magnet to all of your desires when you resonate in this state of being.

Your Sacred Heart Meditation

Take 3 deep breaths in through your crown chakra. Fill your lungs to capacity, and imagine that you are inhaling love itself. Imagine that you are breathing in your Higher Self and Soul’s love into your lungs.

This is the source of all love.

Now take this rich love in your lungs and radiated it out into your heart.

With your intention, ask to be focused on your Sacred Heart. You will have a sense of where this is – somewhere within your heart chakra or physical heart .

Now focus immense love and gratitude for your Creator, your Source, God, in your Sacred Heart.

Open to receive Source’s love as it begins to fill and renew you. Sense you Sacred Heart being renewed as it contains Creator’s Love.

Feel Your Sacred Heart energy intermingle and become infused with Source’s Divine Love.

It’s a Love infusion.

Remembering your true self.

And knowing who you truly are.

Rest and sink deeply into the wondrous Love of Your Sacred Heart.

And feel comfortable in your new knowing.

And when you feel full, really full, slowly begin to radiate this sweet love into your home.

Then to your neighborhood. City. Country.

Continue sending out this healing elixir of your Sacred Heart to the entire world.

Imagine your Sacred Heart’s Love healing all people.

For the power of your healing love has increased.

Your love is also Divine.

And continue radiating your love…

Begin to observe how the energy of your Sacred Heart transforms the vibration of the planet, the universe.

See your Sacred Heart Love continue to expand. And expand some more.

And unite with the Sacred Heart Of The Universe.

Rest and know you are One.


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