The Netherlands, Tulips, And ThetaHealing

I love flowers, especially tulips.

They are one of the first flowers that push their way up
through the frozen earth in Chicago and burst forth in magnificent brilliant bloom.

Once they decide to grow, nothing can stop them.

And I feel that the Dutch people are a lot like tulips.

They are beautiful, uplifting, cheerful, brilliant.

Come in a huge variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

And have a gifted way of brightening your day.

And once they decide to grow, nothing can stop them, just like tulips.

Please join us at my next ThetaHealing classes in the Netherlands.

And see a very special tulip festival.

You will see exactly what I mean.

Abundance and Manifestation Class April 26-27, 2008

Special offer for this class only:

My deep desire to see you prosper and fulfill your dreams…


Manifestation And Abundance Course Materials:
Vianna’s own Abundance Questionnaire to isolate your blocks.
ThetaHealing Manifestation and Abundance Class Manual
ThetaHealing Manifestation and Abundance Meditation CD
Requirements: Basic DNA and Advanced DNA

I have the Basic ThetaHealing manuals written in Dutch translation for you! Hooray!
This seminar is 90% hands on!
Includes free workbook, and email support.
You can email me across the world and I will help you. Guaranteed.

Netherlands contact: Jeanine Nizet’s email
Margaret Loris’ email or 773-275-1810


If you are interested in learning more about DNA ThetaHealing or hosting a class in your area please contact me:

ThetaHealing™ originated by Vianna Stibal.

Thank you Vianna!
Vianna Stibal and Margaret Loris

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