Easter 2008

Rembrandt’s The Risen Christ Appearing To Mary Magdalene

I like to replace old images from my past that no longer serve my highest good.

When I was young my Catholic upbringing flooded me with images of a suffering Christ, especially at Easter. We would pray the Stations Of The Cross with deep religious fervor. And we would recount the Passion Of Christ, bleeding from His crown of thorns, carrying the cross, torture, and crucifixion.

And on Easter Sunday I would still feel solemn and sad from Good Friday’s rituals.

What helped me heal all those images of abuse, suffering, and martyrdom was to transform my beliefs regarding this Holy Weekend.

So I have changed my images of the victim Christ with an empowered Christ, a spiritual leader and Master. And that I need to remember Christ through His resurrection, His coming back to life. He opened the door for us.And that His resurrection is a symbol of how we can also transform our victimization, abuses, suffering, woundedness, etc., into a New Life, a Rebirth, a Resurgence of our natural healing, regeneration, and restorative abilities. And, more importantly, prepare our bodies to be vessels that carry more light so that we too can ascend.

I think this is the true message Christ meant to deliver.


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