Spiritual Festival of Aries

Solar Festival of ARIES MARCH 21, 2008, the Easter Festival

Please take a moment and participate in this spiritual event. There is a great down pouring of spiritual energies and high frequencies in which you can join, benefit, radiate and distribute.

This text taken from LaUna Huffines Path Of Light Originator:
The Spiritual Festival of Aries is Friday, March 21. The next five days offer a great opportunity to meditate and distribute light to the world and receive new spiritual ideas in group meditation.

Wherever you live you can be present in spirit with us and join the light that becomes ever brighter through the meditations of all the groups who are responding to help lift humanity’s mass suffering. Everyone is invited to participate who wishes to join in distributing light and love and power to humanity.

A local group of workers will be linking with you during the hour of of the full moon Friday when spiritual energies are most readily available. Our local meeting is in Dallas Texas. Please call 214-265-0754 for directions if you are in this area.

After linking with the soul and the entire group of dedicated workers for humanity, sit in silence to invoke spiritual strength, wisdom, love, and jo y for your groups and for humanity. If you have only a few minutes, say the Great Invocation at the time of the full moon in your area. This invocation is the supreme tool available to humanity for contributing to the united act of invocation during the spiritual Festivals.

Aries Spiritual Festival notes and meditation

TIMES: 2:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time in the U.S. and 11:41 AM Pacific Daylight Time. GMT: 6:41 PM


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