Let In The Light! Advanced ThetaHealing Chicago

Accelerate your healing power as you tap into pure Source enrgy with this incredible class!

Learn how to “download” hundreds of new programs from the Creator.

The speeds at which changes are made with this class are amazing!

You can quickly and easily teach a person what it feels like to be loved, honored, respected, cherished and more.

Source can teach you these feelings on every level of your life, instantly.

So what might take people lifetimes to learn, can be learned in seconds!

Expect physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes after the list is complete.

My love and deep passion for teaching ThetaHealing™ is so strong that I will assist you to become proficient with personal follow up practice ThetaHealing™ sessions on a regular basis.

Let me be your personal healing coach!

Passing it Forward with the expectation of bringing you to a higher level of experiences and understanding of your gifts/abilities as an evolved individual.

Dates: June 13-15, 2008

Times: 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Location: 4950 N.
Ashland Ave. 60640
Cost: $396.00 prepaid by May 18, or $440.00 at the door.
Previous course graduates ALWAYS welcome-$200.00
Includes free
workbook, and email support.

Contact: margaretloris@earthlink.net

To reserve a seat simply send your $100.00 deposit to:

Margaret Loris
2210 W. Wilson Ave,
Chicago, 60625

Or you can easily pay through Paypal. Send your $100.00 deposit to my account at margaretloris@earthlink.net

If you are interested in learning more about DNA ThetaHealing or hosting a class in your area please contact me: margaretloris@earthlink.net

ThetaHealing™ originated by ViannaStibal.
Thank you Vianna!

ViannaStibal and Margaret Loris

Margaret has been chosen Energy Healing Expert for SelfGrowth,
the biggest self help portal on the Internet, rated #1 by Yahoo and Google.


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