Pranashakty :: 2nd Global Jothi Transmission

Pranashakty :: 2nd Global Jothi Transmission

With gratitude to all divine forms of universe, to all masters who led us to this event and to the great radiant and divine light of grace, Pranashakty team is once again before you with a really special event.

This time we are not focusing just on healing. We are not giving just peace and happiness to you. This time, we would like to take you to the most fascinating journey that a human being can ever take. We would like to take you to the kingdom of light. The light that dwells in every thing… the light that removes all darkness… light that is present in each and every atom… the light using which nothingness is created…

Second Global Jothi (the radiant light of grace) transmission will be done from 17th July to 24th July 2008 at a few different time zones to help the participants from different countries. This energy is being transmitted second time by Pranashakty. This is a free service. Please see instructions for more details. Please click here to register.


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