Love Healing Class And Teleconference #: Chicago Center For Healing

I thank all of you who requested I begin the
classes to help and heal your stress and life challenges.

And for sharing your stories desiring to leave the old dark
places that you still carry in which you felt and still feel unloved.

I’ve been thinking about you and wondering what would
be the best topic to begin the healing classes/teleconferences.

So, my first teleconference class will be on the topic of LOVE!

Whoooo Hoooo!

It’s time we sprinkle tons of love into our lives. And all kinds of love.

Yes, we will be healing our selves and
raising our personal love vibrations.

As we emit higher love and become love
we will naturally raise and attract greater love to us.

And as a result, broadcasting LOVE all over the world.

Which also means we will be healing
and raising the world’s template of love.

Sound good?

But first, there may be a few things that keep
us closed to love which we need to release and let go.

Like unworthiness, undeserving, valuelessness.
The pain of rejection, abandonment, betrayal.
The pain of unrequited love.
Conditional love.
(Can you think of more? Then let me know.)

I was guided and given the following transmissions
to assist you personally on your healing journey.

We will examine and share the things we do for love.

The things I Do For Love

And what we substitute for love in our lives.

We will discuss the topic of being open to receive love.

And interspersed will be hundreds of transmissions that will
automatically remove the old patterns out of our energy systems.

Then download new energies in the vibration of love
that are aligned to our highest and greatest good.

And we will top it off with one of my world famous meditations.

You will experience, integrate, and know the foundation of love.

And I will emit the Grace Light Transmissions* during the class.

Which means you have the compassionate light of the Creator
to assist you in your healings.

Classes in person will be held:

September 20, 2008 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM

Margaret Loris RN MS
2210 W. Wilson Ave.
Chicago, Il.60625

Or I will meet you on the teleconference call same day, same time.
(I will send you the contact information after you register.)

Those of you who have already taken my classes
know that the energy will be powerful and high.

The healing and transformation gentle, safe, and supportive.

I guarantee it.

Love Healing Practice Groups/Teleconferences

September 20, 2008 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM
2 hour session $30.00

Remember, the healing teleconferences will be recorded
so order now
so you can attend live
and listen at your leisure afterwards as well.
*Grace light will bring a new “soul intelligence”, a new type of consciousness beyond logic. It represents the flowering of the heart center. Through the influence of grace light, people will not only develop higher states of awareness, but will also develop compassion and love toward one another. Grace light will move us from our self-absorbed and self-centered perspective to an experience of interconnectedness and universal oneness.

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