Want Health Benefits With DNA Activation?


YouTube – The Secret in DNA

People have been emailing me from all over the world asking me how they can stabilize their health and stress levels during these chaotic times.

And one of the most pressing question they ask is what can DNA activation do to help them.
So, here is a list on the beneifts of DNA activation plus various testimonies that you can ponder.

If you want to experience your DNA being activated and live a life feeling more healthy, whole and complete, please let me know and I will help you.

DNA Benefits Reported

Increase desire for pure water intake.
Body detoxifies and purifies
Better nutrition/ less food
Hair and nails grow faster
Frequent lucid dreaming
Feel younger as energy level increases
Quickened capacity for self healing
Quicker manifestations

Keener sense of knowing
Pace and calmness within
“Old” truths and beliefs no longer work
Enhanced self trust and awareness
Replacing “seeking” with “resolving”
Precise use of language (“Conscious Languaging”)
Enhanced discernment
Increased sensitivity, perceptions, and telepathy

Seeing relationships more clearly
Attracting soul mates and soul families
Letting go of old stuff, people and things

Inner Awareness and Self Discovery
Increased ability to face self-truths
Finding answers that have meaning and clarity
Transforming uncertainties into truths
Staying focused in the moment
Speaking your truth and expressing yourself

“I experienced DNA activations the final depth probe into the inner recesses of the soul, releasing its potential for fulfillment.” D.S., Sonoma, Cay.

“Consciously aware that negative thoughts were being mirrored immediately.”- S.S. San Anselmo

“Dreaming in colors now. Migraines disappeared. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome gone. Totally off thyroid medication after 15 years.” E.H., Sebastopol, Ca..

“Gray hair returning to normal color and wrinkles disappearing.”- V.R., Santa Rosa, Ca..

“An increased psychic ability and heightened perceptions.” -S.S., Maui

“My experience with DNA work was quite dramatic. I would not say I experienced physical symptoms so much as emotional intensity and explosiveness. My first two days were particularly rough. Then Tuesday I was noticing how much energy I had.” J.A., Gargerville, Ca..

DNA Activation $25.00

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