Chicago Healing Money Class/Teleconference

Money Tree

Who isn’t being swept up with the financial fear that is threatening us?

We are living in very challenging times which are prompting old beliefs to resurface.

I think it’s time to begin healing our relationship to money and success.

Would you like to join me?

My next class will support and enhance your ability and power
to transform and heal the vibrations of money and success.

I have hundreds of transmissions so you can heal deeper and at a faster rate.

My next class will be on Money and Success!

If you feeling uncomfortable with your healing skills
and need some guidance and refresher information, I will help you.

If you would like to get the best and deepest healing results, I will help you.

If you are stressed to the max and would like healing with the least discomfort, I will help you.

Or if you would you just like to sit back, relax and receive healing, I will do that too.

Read testimonies:


Your meditations are marvelous. You use just the right tone, pitch and volume in just the right places. I can’t get enough of them!

Thank you again for all that you do!
You are always such an inspiration… I feel so enlightened every time you send your monthly messages. Take care Margaret…. Love and blessings Toni
This was amazing. Thank you! At one point during the vow release, I was crying and gasping for breath and my left eye was blinking rapidly, which is what happens when I’m working with past life stuff. So I know something was really happening!

Yes, the vows being released were the healers vows. I can’t say which ones specifically, but it was pretty amazing. The whole session left me feeling wonderful. Yes, feel free to use whatever you want of my comments. Thanks again!

Here is an outline of what is included in the Healing Money class.

Activated Your Prosperity DNA
Abundance and Wellness Gene Activation
God Gene
Joy Gene

Transformed and released 8 Past Life Vows

There are 200 money belief downloads, 100 Abundance transmissions, 50
Prosperity downloads.

Paternal And Maternal Blessings

Abundance Meditation

And as a surprise, the Guides told me to perform
Soul Surgery And Transplantation on your money channels.


I will send you the MP3 file to download and you can listen at your leisure and as often as you like.

Healing Money Class #30.00

And if you would like to get the.mp3 files of any class that you may have missed please visit:

I hope to see you then!

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