Soul Healing, Surgery And Transplants

I have often wondered why I worked so long in surgery and where it would lead me.

Do you want to know a secret? Animals love soul surgery too. Perhaps your animal companion friend needs an energy boost and gentle cleansing as well.

Soul Surgery And Transplant Testimony:

That’s what it did and that’s why I say it is near miraculous. I think soul surgery is one of your unique gifts that nobody else has.

If you understand the journey of the hero, he or she returns from the journey with an elixir, a boon to society to make it better than it was before. I’m hoping that the sparkling green liquid they gave me to drink will be my elixir when I complete the journey, which is close to its end.
Love and blessings.

During the last five years, Margaret has helped me clear a lot of debris from my soul, spirit, and energy field. Much of this damage came from a childhood auto accident, a psychic attack that happened in my early thirties, and also some past life trauma that had left its imprint or samskara in my soul memory. Recently she has used her technique of “soul surgery” to help me clear some of the deepest and most difficult issues I needed to heal—those that could not be resolved through other energy healing methods.

The first area that she worked on through soul surgery was my tien den, the energy center located between the second and third chakras. Via distance, I could see her pulling out through my tien den, a dark, shadowy form that had been superimposed on the back of my legs. I was surprised because I had not consciously known it was there, though the back of my thighs had always felt a bit stiff and tense. After the removing this substance and receiving new soul energies through my tien den, the back of my legs and lower part of my body felt warm, more supple, and filled with a calmness and groundedness that I had never felt before in that area of my body.

After the healing, Margaret and I discussed what it was and determined that the shadowy substance was probably a thought form or imprint of damage left over from past life sexual trauma. As she pulled the form out, I could feel it contained sensations of perverse sexuality. Previously, she had cleared dark cords and other soul injuries related to that past lifetime. Because the results of this healing were phenomenal, almost miraculous, I requested another soul surgery on my root chakra. More debris came out and afterwards my feet felt soft, clear of all stiffness, and able to connect with the earth almost as a new found friend.

Margaret suggested doing the rest of my chakras for the next healing. At first I felt a little uncertain because I didn’t know if I could handle that much change all at once, wondered if it might produce a healing crisis or perhaps I might not feel like myself anymore and become disoriented. I knew from past experiences that when our energy shifts, either upgraded through a healing or degraded through an injury, we feel differently afterwards. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to accept all the possible differences. After a brief deliberation, I put my trust in God and felt willing to accept whatever changes may come.

Though I didn’t feel or see much coming out of my second chakra, I felt and saw a warm stream of bright, new energies entering that area and felt much love spreading through my being. Next, I could see and feel Margaret’s energy hands gently reaching into my crown chakra. I felt her pulling a large, dark object out of my head. As she lifted it above my head, I could see that it looked something like a giant crab or spider like form with appendages that went through the upper part of my body. Using the DNA technique I learned from Margaret in a workshop, I sent my consciousness several feet up over my head and called upon God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary and the Ascended Masters, to come and help her remove this thing from my life. I wondered how Margaret was doing and prayed for her to maintain her strength and courage in removing the darkness during the soul surgery. Because it looked so horrible, I knew she must have been as shocked as I was to see what she had in her energy hands. I sensed that it had been placed beneath my crown chakra to prevent my spiritual growth and block divine energies from circulating through my crown.

I could feel her proceeding through clearing the rest of my chakras and filling them with the warm, regenerative energies of love.

After she removed it, I felt warm energies filling the space and knew that this was the beginning of finding my freedom to just be who I am, a journey that I have been on for most of my life.

Next, I could see amorphous, unidentifiable debris coming out of my third chakra or solar plexus. Again, I could feel a stream of new, regenerated energies coming into that area, and had the same experience with the rest of my chakras being renewed.

The results of experiencing soul surgery on all of my chakras has had the overall effect of putting me in touch with the gentleness and peacefulness of my soul in its more natural, undefended, loving state.

During the following week, I felt many changes, Although I felt much more
balanced, I could also feel my emotions more strongly, as I had when I was
a child. All of my senses have become more acute, while at the same time, I
can feel the gentleness of my soul coming more to the surface of my skin.

“This healing is the beginning of my freedom,” I also mentioned the clearing of my crown
chakra, “was the healing I’ve been waiting for since the psychic attack 25 years ago.”

Margaret Loris is the most courageous, skilled, and ethical healer I have ever worked with. Her healing gifts are many and her new technique in soul surgery and regeneration of soul energies is one of her most beneficial gifts of all.

Love and Blessings


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