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#1 Love Healing Class 2 hours

600 transmissions, downloads, releases, 3 meditations: Healing A Broken Heart, Love Infusion, Love DNA  $30.00

#2 Healing Class 2 hours

Tons of information to make healing easier, smoother, with grace and ease. Transmissions/downloads the entire class. 2 Meditations. $30.00

#3 Healing Money Class 2 hours

Removing past life vows, blockages, money beliefs. Hundreds of  transmissions. Money meditations open financial flow.  $30.00

#4 Birth Into 100% Christ Light

This healing is designed to trigger and release any blocks so you begin remembering your original blueprint. You are lovingly assisted you to move towards your own truth with gratitude and expectation.  $30.00

#5 Family Patterns Healing MP3

Transform family allegiances, 600 Transmissions, Dysfunctional Family Patterns Healing, Plus 2 extraordinary meditations! $30.00

#6 Heal Emotional Body: Validation

Includes explanation, awareness, 600 transmissions, Soul Healing, 2 Meditations: Discovering your Core Child, and Divine Child Of Light  $30.00

Healing Karma Class.MP3

Includes explanation, downloads, 6 meditations,  Soul healing/blessing, secret karma busting technique. $30.00

Heal Fear And Stress Class (Becoming One).MP3

Explanation, Awareness, Over 300 Emotional Healing Downloads, 5 meditations, Soul Healing and Enlightenment. 2 hours. $30.00


Secret Healing Techniques Exposed

Earth Star Activation

A secret grounding healing technique that is foolproof, simple, powerful.  Experience being fully grounded, supported, nourished, anchored. $2.00


Experience a personal distant healing with Margaret!

DNA Activation BUY NOW $25.00

Soul Healing, Surgery, And Transplant BUY NOW $50.00

Cleansing Elixir Soul Healing BUY NOW $50.00


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